m i x — Death in Paris x Crystallmess

19 March, 2017

Cherry blossoms are blooming in London and everything is starting to come alive. We talk to DJ/ journalist Christelle Oyiri the future of black identity, and the inspiration for the 4th installation mixtape for Death in Paris.

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m i x — Death in Paris x Purpurrpurple

6 January, 2017

Let’s start this new year all fresh with a mix from our ultimate fav Annette Kvithyll, alias Purpurrpurple.

Beauty comes from chaos and our first 2017 mix sums it up perfectly.

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m i x — Death in Paris x Flora Yin-Wong

13 November, 2016

Winter is here and its time for us to hibernate..

This month we met one creative multiple-faceted girl, Flora Yin-Wong and spoke about Life in London, « proper dreams » and her last EP « City God ». Jeremih meets Turkish EDM, be ready…

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m i x — Death in Paris x Malibu

28 July, 2016

DEATH IN PARIS begins a new blog format around music and its references. Every month we’ll pick up one girl, one universe and share it with you. Barbara Marie aka Malibu joins the team for the first feature.

This mysterious girl is known for her particular style on the Internet and she has accepted to answer a few questions about herself, her aspirations and about her music…

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