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Death In Paris

Death in Paris was founded in 2013 by Mélusine Tran and Natasha Pulaski to create modern, wearable pieces that play with form and function. The brand addresses a lack of choice for high-quality, design pieces available outside of mid-range high street retailers. Although affordable, the fact that they are mass produced often translates to the same designs being seen everywhere. On the other end of the spectrum, the price points of luxury brands often make modern designs inaccessible to the average customer looking for more interesting pieces.

Unusual material pairings and signature organizational accents are the starting points for our designs as we aim to compliment every day life by minimizing excess and reducing down to essentials while bringing a fresh perspective to classic shapes and designs. 

Taking inspiration from our mixed origins in Asia and Europe, we source materials from around the world that reflect our appreciation of quality and ingenuity and conceptualize them in updated and surprising ways. All our pieces are proudly produced in Thailand where the level of craftsmanship and technical expertise is a part of the manufacturing tradition. 

Made with attention to detail and an emphasis on functionality, all of our pieces aim to heighten the beauty of the wearer in distinct, individual ways.

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