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m i x — Death in Paris x Purpurrpurple

6 January, 2017

Let’s start this new year all fresh with a mix from our ultimate fav Annette Kvithyll, alias Purpurrpurple.

Beauty comes from chaos and our first 2017 mix sums it up perfectly.

Photo of Annette Kvithyll Purpurrpurple for Death in Paris Mix tape and Interview
Hi Annette, how are you ? 

Hi, I’m good, thank you. December has been really hectic and sweet. Feels good to be over into the new new now.


Tell us more about yourself ?

uhm, I’m a dj & a nerd living and working part time with hair styling and part time creative involved in projects around in the Oslo underground art/music scene. Freedom and evolution is what I want and always strive for. Basically broke but rich all the time 🙂
You work in fashion industry by day and dj by night, correct ? 

Yes, sort of. I basically dj and been doing music first. I guess my need and desire to have the right aesthetic and visual feel over my music is my way to fashion and art scenes. So I am now working and doing collabs with both.

What do you want to bring in this field of work ?

I still haven’t  figured that. I’m learning to know myself better and the battles I’ve fought thru life. I always had a lack of ability to explain or speak for myself, so I guess my expression goes deep with what I can pursue in music and the feeling I got. On the other side, I want to push boundaries for others too. And open the possibility for fashion to know music as much as music knows fashion.

How would you describe yourself, artistically ?

Random and eclectic. I don’t know really. Maybe open. Thats where purple gets in the picture. I usually don’t like to put a label on it, cause I know I’ll be somewhere else in 3 month or so.

Scandinavian scene is getting pretty LIT these days ! You all bring an energic side to club music. With artists like Drippin, Slick Shoota, Ida Dillan, Dj Svani, Emipls… You are a big family, right ?

Yes, and we’re bigger than that also. The scene been suppressed in Oslo. Lately many clubs been shutting down too, so we’re in a kinda DIY mode right now.

As a team, what is your message to the world ?

No shame in evolving

I heard about 3000 TEXTURES, can you tell more ?

Yes, thats me, Ida Dillan and Scheele starting off a club night in Oslo in 2014. We wanted to push the underground scene a little harder here in oslo and thru the web. And it opened a lot of doors for the three of us. Now we’re busy on both sides working towards releases and more music 🙂

What was your best party memory ?

I like it spontaneous. Memories are created when something off, random or weird is happening. Playing at packed CTM venue in Berlin with Rabit and Why Be was pretty wild for me and surreal…. also the music.  

Do you think 2017 will be a better year?
I don’t think its going to be better at all. But at least we’re woke. I think small labels and artist are going to get bigger and better and large rich labels will shrink and have a hard time evolving to what’s going on. 2016 was the year where we did huge step in inventing stuff, so technology is probably the best part.
Anything else you want to add?
I’m coming to Paris to play for the Bye Bye Ocean party 21th of January and I’m really excited to be there for the first time. Paris club music have meant a lot during my early dj years and I have always wanted to go there. <3

Words : Priscillia Amey