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m i x — Death in Paris x Malibu

28 July, 2016

DEATH IN PARIS begins a new blog format around music and its references. Every month we’ll pick up one girl, one universe and share it with you. Barbara Marie aka Malibu joins the team for the first feature.

This mysterious girl is known for her particular style on the Internet and she has accepted to answer a few questions about herself, her aspirations and about her music…

Photo of Barbara Marie aka Malibu for Death in Paris interview and mixtape

If Malibu had to describe itself, it would be something like « very emotional angel boi. »

Where are you from ?

I was born in France, but I moved to Angola when I was 9 and lived there for a while. I went back to France in 2008 but I still moved around a lot, and at the moment I’m based in Bordeaux for school.

What was you first goal in life ?

I guess my first goal in life, when I was a kid, was to be a scientist; either an oceanologist/geologist like my father or an astronomer.

And now, what is your goal ?

Now my life goal is actually super random lol, but I could see myself in the countryside in Bolivia or Chile or Tahiti. My ultimate goal is just to wake up everyday and be happy, being able to look at beautiful landscapes through my window 😀

You grew in a certain way, no ?

I guess regarding my goals as a kid, I kind of transcribed those into music.
I’m really fascinated by what’s huge and elusive, and in music, there are so many possibilities so it’s actually very frightening haha. When I wanted to be an oceanologist I was passionate about exploring the depths of the unknown and the darkness. It all sounds abstract, but somehow everything makes sense linked together, in its own chaos. I find comfort, almost a home within music; every time I work on a new project, I feel like I am creating a world, a situation, my own nest. Not having a real « homeland » irl is very frustrating.

Are you connected online?

I’m more connected than I would like to be. Being lost in youtube is a beautiful feeling of endless feelings and void or fullness (smart ass me.) Also, to be honest I need memes like I need air, it’s the only thing that makes me feel good- memes are loyal.

Instagram or snapchat ?

I can’t decide.

How much time do you spend on your smartphone ?

It depends but whenever my phone dies, I can spend days and days without it because I’m too lazy to charge it. I don’t have 3G or internet so trust me, if I happen to be in a place without wifi, it’s kinda useless to have my phone except for the notes and pics. : – )

What do you think about the Jenner – Kardashians dynasty in the media ?

Hmmmm- I think a lot about them, and let’s just say there is this part of me that is fascinated (in every sense of the term) by the whole thing. I grew up in Angola where I only had US and South-African channels on TV so MTV and E! were sort of my references. I would watch Viva La Bam, The Simple Life and tons of telenovelas when I got home from school and while I would do my homework so I’ve always watched those kind of « reality » shows, but from a real distance. So yes, I kind of like the Kardashians. They make me laugh because they’re crazy and in total excess. My name is Malibu because of an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, called « Malibu Beach Party From Hell »  they are all super drunk, with huge wine glasses, and then the craziest drama happens…

I love the connotation of the word « Malibu » hehe

Your music is based on electronic sound and dancehall riddim.
Can you tell me more about it ?

Even though dancehall inspires me a lot, I wouldn’t say that my music is based on it. When I was first learning on  music software, I would have fun creating tracks really inspired by dancehall riddims. I thought it was a good way to learn, in a technical way. I experimented and got a lot of things out of the way, and now I’m simply trying to be honest in what I offer, and just describing complex emotions through music. I have been making music for a year now, but more seriously and with more focus on my own expectations since last October. It’s actually not a long time and I still have so much to go through. Obviously, I believe in hard work to achieve whatever I want to achieve, and to feel more and more complete, little by little, with what I make and myself, but i have a serious problem with concentration. I like to think that everything can be « music. » I don’t like to categorize music and I consider what I do as kind of elusive-angelic  0 :- ) I always get lost, like I do when I’m in youtube, because of this deep ocean of possibilities. It’s very scary and it gets me depressed all the time ahah, but then I remember that its also such a beautiful thought, knowing that there’s so much to do, and everything is always unique no matter what. I also want to feel complete with what I release, and take my time to be satisfied with what I do.

How do you measure the success ?  Will you perform more and more gigs in Europe; in France, Berlin, London ? How do you handle it ?

ahah Well I’ve never played live in France! Literally there is no success at all, I just got super lucky I guess…and I met amazing people who believe in me and supported me, and for that I’m more than grateful! That being said, I would have loved to have more time to work. Having experienced giving a live performance is very important, and it made me want to work even harder and definitely made me even more passionate!

You are a Vybz Kartel fan girl, but in spite of his music, Kartel is a weird, destructive personality, anti-feminist, even anti-women etc… Not a good guy at all. I really want to know, why you are attracted by this man?

I don’t want to answer that question ahaah -half joking. You have to watch documentaries about him, and dancehall in general, it’s beautiful in terms of culture and music especially, and everything that it brings with it. I love Adidja Palmer’s voice, the way he sings, the chords, the rhythms, the beats, pretty much everything. Recently a friend of mine sent me a link of a kartel song called « Magic School Bus » and for some reason I had never heard it and omg i can’t handle it, it’s way too beautiful; the lyrics, the chords, the instruments used, everything. I was really shocked, and I listened to it on repeat for days, it brought me to tears. (thank you benjy)

Lot of views came out from URL world about girls and music, such as a strong and acti- feminism opinion on social media. The group “Sister” on Facebook is an example. What do you thing about this kind of “revolution” ? Do you think that girls have naturally the same place than boys ? I see lot of boys admiring girls playing music and cheering them on.

Sister allowed me to introduce myself and my music to people I respect musically, and I discovered really great stuff from them too. I’m in Sister for the music, not because I am a girl. i dont identify myself as a girl, and I think music is way more than just a gender, it’s all about sensitivity, feelings, emotions and just being human i guess ahah. Of course if something upsetting happens to me as a musician/artist/person, I will be happy to be able to share it and ask for support on Sister where I feel supported, I would definitely help someone if they have an issue.

2016 is here now, how do you predict this year ? Who’s on your radar this year ?

I can’t wait for 2017 to arrive to be honest! In very good news, I will be representing France alongside Ok Lou for the Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal next September and I want to go to Stockholm ; – )

What would be your ultimate 2016 fantasy ?

I would say to meet Elysia Crampton and offer her the most beautiful flowers ever.

Words : Priscillia Amey