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21 January, 2016

The first Death in Paris tarot horoscope of 2016 is here! It’s a brand new year with more do’s & don’ts and essential life advice for the months ahead: discover what January has on offer here.

While Libra shines bright like a diamond, life is teasing Scorpio and giving new opportunities to Aquarius.

Courtesy of our in house life guru Morgan D.


Tarot card symbol: The Chariot
You will start 2016 just as you left 2015: full of projects and good vibes. If you hesitate between two opportunities, you may be right to choose the one with less money but more integrity or fun. Let ambition wait for 2017.



Tarot card symbol: The Empress
Once upon a time, there was a lovely person who entered the New Year with the class of Joan Collins in « Dynasty » and the wit of Glenn Close in « Damages ». You rule your own world perfectly and you have no lesson to learn from anybody. At least, for the first month of this year.



Tarot card symbol: Death
Death tarot arcana means you can expect a whole new beginning. By « whole new », we mean a real change. It can be a quick moving out or an exil to Rio. This won’t happen softly. Positive or negative, it will depend on your very own state of mind. Be brave and enjoy the new lines of your destiny.



Tarot card symbol: The Hanged Man

Don’t hurry people or things to happen. You always want to finish things up and sometimes forget to do the job well first and foremost. It’s time to learn patience. You should make your everyday life more a question of sophistication than a means to an end.


Tarot card symbol: The Moon
In December, you met someone who made you think of someone you already knew in the past and that was quite tough for you to deal with all those memories. A new friend will contact you this month and it is apparently a good thing for you to see him again. He may deliver you a message, intentional or not, that will help to shed a new light on your life.



Tarot card symbol: Judgment

It is time for you to realize you’ve done a really good job these last few months. At work or with the guy you’re going out with, you’ve done your best in order to sort things out. What a hero! But it seems you forgot to talk about you. You’ve kept a lot of things secret just to avoid what you like to call « a waste of time ». It is not. Talking about you with the people around you could help you to start 2016 with better energy.



Tarot card symbol: The Sun

« Shine bright like a diamond ». In fact, it seems Sia didn’t write « Diamonds » for Rihanna but for you in January 2016. Listen, nobody can resist you and the hours you’ve spent at the gym will make you look like the real queen of the neighborhood. It may not be just a matter of aura, it’s also the honesty you put in every sentence you utter that makes you the star of this month.



Tarot card symbol: Strength
You’ve worked hard all year and it’s not over. You’ll need a lot of courage to start 2016. The good thing with you is that you have it. You like moaning every minute at work or when you’re queuing outside a club, but you know you can handle more than you do. Life is teasing you and you like it.



Tarot card symbol: The Hermit

Wow, okay, winter is coming but is it a reason to say no to everyone who asks you out ? Cosy is good but too cosy can turn boring. Tea is fine but at least have it outside. Make yourself look beautiful, open the windows, let a yell out and make January something cool. It’s the beginning of the year, not the funeral of your self-esteem.



Tarot card symbol: The World
You’ve planned a trip with some friends, a trip that won’t happen as expected. Maybe someone you really like will join you, maybe Dublin will be funnier than you thought. It’s all positive for you.



Tarot card symbol: The Star

« You must be my lucky star, cause you shine on me wherever you are. » Madonna used to sing this line in the 80’s. Apparently, you could sing it in January 2016. Indeed you feel protected by someone and this feeling of protection will help you going ahead, turning challenges into wealth. If you are single, expect to meet someone older than you.



Tarot card symbol: The Fool
Oh! It looks like someone would like to start this New Year avoiding their responsibilities. Well you can try, but don’t complain if people don’t give you what you want. Look, you’re sweet and clever so please stop with the egotistical drama you make every five months. Stay cool and friendly and your time at work won’t seem so much like a prison sentence.