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6 December, 2015

Our life guru Morgan D strikes again : Death in Paris monthly tarot horoscope is here. The one and only essential life bible you need to know to be ready – or not – for the festive season. Libra is becoming more spiritual and Taurus will need to focus on the essential.


Tarot card symbol: The Empress

Put on your dancing shoes and be glad you’re alive! December is going to be fun! You’ve never been to so many parties at the same time and your friends can’t really explain where you find the energy. Christmas will be as warm as the rest of the month and for the first time, family dinners won’t end up like a Kardashian Family’s episode gone bad.




Tarot card symbol: The Evil
Money!Money!Money! You’ll spend the month thinking you are Julia Roberts in « Pretty Woman » having a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive. Of course, you’re pretty and very stylish but Richard
Gere is not here to provide the credit cards so stay focused on the essential. PS: the way you walk down the street is stunning.



Tarot card symbol: The Sun
The warm you’ve been fighting for in November is coming! Whoever it is, your boss, your boyfriend or any of your relatives, you won’t believe the attention you’re going to get. Even on your sad and lonely Sundays, you’ll find the way to receive the text that will make you smile. Don’t forget to give it all back. Good karma must be your motto.


Tarot card symbol: The Hierophant
Reading philosophy is good but it’s better when you understand what you’re reading. Sometimes you need someone to help you to shed light on things. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Try to leave your ego in the closet and you’ll see December will turn just fine if you accept to hold someone’s hand. Michael Jackson was right, you are not alone so release the social beast within.


Tarot card symbol: The Emperor
Have you ever thought of working as a wedding-planner? No, seriously, you should think about it because it seems the more you’re in control, the better you feel. This month is going to be about
controlling everything and each decision is considered as crucial. The thing is you do it really good but sometimes it can be nice to chill out without thinking if the glass of Champagne you’re sipping is Dom Perignon or Ruinart.


Tarot card symbol: The High Priestess
Dear old Virgo, you’re surrounded with papers, loads of papers. Why waiting when you just have to sign it? It’s not like you’re getting married. The High Priestess is this woman who makes things
happen but she is slow, that’s a fact. So maybe you should act more and think less of the consequences. At least at work. You love life seems to be just fine in December.


Tarot card symbol: The Moon
What you give, you receive. Such famous words for a thoughtful Libra. We don’t really know if it’s the perspective of spending time with your family for Christmas but you’ll think a lot about the past and all sorts of regrets you seem to carry. The good news is those regrets make you more spiritual. What is more attractive than someone with depth and authenticity? Nothing.


Tarot card symbol: The Tower
From the top of your tower, you dominate your own world. But the tower is shaking, so are all your certainties. Should I tell him to slow things down? Do I really need techno music to survive? So many essential questions that cross your mind. The Tower also means a radical change in the first few days of the month…Surprise…


Tarot card symbol: The Lovers
All you care about in December is love. Love, love and love. It’s been a long time since you haven’t felt all these feelings and it makes you smile for nothing. You plunge into the romance without ever thinking if it’s too much or not. Who cares? Love is never too much. At least, this new love affair starts good. If you’re in a long-term relationship, the one you love will make you feel special. Wow! Unbelievable.


Tarot card symbol: The World
December is going to be synonym of crowd, enchantment and expression. It’s like you’re going to spend 30 days in the most spectacular Broadway musical you’ve ever seen. Honestly, if you think
the stars were good to you until now, you’ll be surprised to see all the good vibes in December. Do you even work? Oh, and by the way, in this flow of chill, you’ll even have a chance to take some time with the boy next door, the single one you’ve been luring on since September. Take a chance on him!


Tarot card symbol: Temperance
In November, you’ve had this ugly fight with someone you really like. A real silly fight over some silly stuff. In December, this person will come to you to sort things out but he’s going to do it in disguise so please be sweet and clever and let him speak without playing your usual dominatrix part.



Tarot card symbol: Judgment
What do you see when you look in the mirror? Well, it’s not that important because the people around you see someone special. At least in December. You have this ability to give your opinion without making it look like an order. With you, people could buy things they would never use just because you told them to. You’re the kind of counselor we all need but who is yours?