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3 November, 2015

Death in Paris monthly tarot horoscope has landed ! Essential life tips and insights into what to expect this month: discover what November has on offer here. Pisces will be lead to the age of Glory and Gemini will embrace a new healthy lifestyle. Courtesy of our in house life guru Morgan D.


Tarot card symbol: Judgement

What a chatterbox ! You can’t stop talking and people love what you say. It seems you can solve any problem in a minute with only two sentences coming out of your mouth. Congratulations as you may have to use this gift a couple of times in November, at work and at home with your silent



Tarot card symbol: The Sun

Like an enlightened Illuminati, you are going to share your influence everywhere you go. At the gym, at your job or even walking in the street. November is not going to be a sad month for you and you will finish all you’ve started this year. Don’t wait for December.



Tarot card symbol: The Emperor

You’ve finally decided to sort things out with courage and class. Wow! It took you so long to realize that spying on Kylie Jenner would not help you to get a life. This month, you actually have all the right cards in your hands to beautify all your projects but only if you are healthy. That means veggie brunches and two hours sessions at the gym are more than welcome.



Tarot card symbol: The Hierophant

You think you are too serious but you are not. You think you have done too much when you’ve only lent a Vanity Fair magazine to one of your friend. Stop overrating your pseudo good actions. It’s time for you to take another direction and the Hierophant reminds you that only a bit of discipline will help you.



Tarot card symbol: The Chariot

As Snoop Dog once said: « Drop it like it’s hot ». You are travelling on the road to heaven and nobody won’t stop you to buy that amazing vintage dress you spotted while going to this not so amazing date last week. More dates and dresses are coming this month so listen to Snoop and have fun.



Tarot card symbol: The Tower
You will probably feel a little bit lonely this month when suddenly, like an earthquake, everything around you will move and change. We’re not saying you will work for Karl or get a role in the new season of « Orange is the New Black » but you will meet one person who will change the color of
your path. Take his hand and don’t screw it. Thanks.



Tarot card symbol: The Fool

In November, you will feel free as a unicorn flying in the pink sky of heaven. You solved many issues last month and it was tough ones. This month, it’s time for a reward and you will enjoy every minute of it. Not a single obstacle. Your lovely soul will dance and sing from monday to sunday.



Tarot card symbol: Temperance

You remember that episode of « Sex and the City » when Samantha waits for her boyfriend totally naked on the table with few sushis on her body. Well, don’t do it. Calm down. You are just lovely as you are and you don’t have to use some 2003 tricks to seduce your prey(s).



Tarot card symbol: The Hanged Man
We all hope you can be patient because November is going to make you wait for everything. The problem is that patience is a real challenge for you. Don’t yell at the old lady or at the tourist who’s walking in front of you, or your colleague who takes ages to answer your phone call. Everybody is not as efficient as you are. Understanding will be the key.



Tarot card symbol: The Magician

This month, you will turn everything into gold. If you are very talented when it comes to customize a jacket your mum used to wear in the 80’s, maybe it’s time to customize your own life. Indeed, November will give you the opportunity to transform the ugliness into beauty but you will only see the result next month, right around Christmas.



Tarot card symbol: The High Priestess
If the High Priestess was a business woman, it would be Anna Wintour. If the High Priestess was a politician, it would be Margaret Tatcher. She is cold, strict, not really into sharing a Mojito with a friend, talking funny stuff. The High Priestess of the month is you, dear Aquarius, and we all thank god for not being your flatmate these next four weeks.



Tarot card symbol: The Wheel of Fortune
October was all about giving your best and November will lead you to the Age of Glory. If you’re looking for a job promotion, it’s the right time to apply for. Your working skills as considered as spectacular. Oh, by the way, you’ve been saving money this last months and it’s getting gloomy so
please relax and buy this amazing handbag you are craving for.