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13 October, 2015

Introducing Death in Paris monthly tarot horoscope courtesy of our in house life guru Morgan D. The world  is bowing to Aries and Libra gets an overdue call.

Essential life advice and insights into what to expect this month: discover what October has on offer here.


Tarot card symbol: The Empress

It looks like you’re going to have an amazing month. The Empress is the one who looks stunning and seduces everyone. Be careful though, there’s always another wannabe around the corner and it seems you will have to deal with a rival. Apparently a cheap one since the fight is won

quite easily.



Tarot card symbol: The Devil

You are going to spend the month outside your house, partying and meeting a lot of weirdos. This may be interesting but try to control yourself. Sometimes it’s just too much and your friends don’t know how to handle it.



Tarot card symbol: The Chariot

If you’ve been waiting for your big moment, here it is. The Chariot gives you the opportunity to start focusing on your career so if you’ve ever thought of working on your own ideas, it’s time to make things happen.



Tarot card symbol: The Hierophant

Nobody is going to clean your mess it’s up to you to take responsibilities, so sort your banking, do your laundry, go to yoga, cut off peperoni pizzas and call your mom.



Tarot card symbol: Justice

No matter what you will say, everybody will bow in front of their majesty. You know how to express what you want and how to get things done but please, stop being so harsh with people around you. By the way, someone you haven’t seen for a while is about to make his big come back.



Tarot card symbol: The Emperor

It’s not the moment to bother you and you don’t even try to hide it. If you’re looking for a job or start feeling sick of the actual one, it’s a great time for a brand new start. It’s also a great time to go out and meet new people.



Tarot card symbol: Wheel of Fortune

At last! Yes! You will receive the call you’ve been waiting for ages. Love, work, Ryan Gosling… Anyway, this call is going to change the daily routine you’ve be fighting these last three months.



Tarot card symbol: The Moon

You are so scared of losing what you have that you won’t try anything new and it makes you feel like Britney Spears getting bored in Vegas. You are not Britney and you are not in Vegas so when one of your friends asks you out, just say yes.



Tarot card symbol: The Fool

The Fool is not a fool. The fool is the one who starts something. A relationship, a career, travel plans…It may be anything. What the Fool reveals is that you’re going in the right direction. You’ve got great commercial skills so use it for something else than for free drinks on friday night.



Tarot card symbol: Strength

Like Xena, you are a mix of rage and wisdom. You know how to kill the enemy without budging an inch. Good for you but it looks like you enjoy it too much. If you are single, no need to show off. Someone is already hunting you.



Tarot card symbol: The World

We all know you’ve always dreamed of a new life in Thailand or in Buenos Aires. You can’t help it, travelling is your motto. Did you know that you can also find out new things about yourself without going so far ? Scully was wrong, the truth is not out there and this month, you will realize your own life can be surprising with two friends and a bottle of red wine.




Tarot card symbol: The Star

Calm down! The Star doesn’t mean you’re the new Kate Moss or about to get engaged with Prince Harry. The Star is about forgiving someone and don’t pretend you don’t know who. This person is far too precious to be left on the side.


**Morgan D.